Lasik surgery is one of the most life changing experiences a person with poor vision can have. Having to put up with less than crystal clear vision for so many years, and having to rely on eye wear just to see clearly is a pain that most people would not want to experience. Good thing technological advancements have made it possible for just anyone to have Lasik in Columbus Ohio.

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Before undergoing Lasik surgery it is important to learn all that you can about this procedure, and to make sure that this is really for you. There are certain risks involved, and you have to weigh in the risks and how much you would like to live a 20/20 vision life.

Lasik is a laser based eye surgery procedure that is used to reshape your cornea to improve the focus of the light rays on your retina. It is the kind of eye surgery that is preferred these days by most of the people wearing glasses or contact lenses, who want to avoid their lenses and glasses to get clear vision. Lasik stands for laser in-situ keratomieusis.

Why Should You Have Lasik?

The number of benefits Lasik has includes:

  • It corrects your vision to a great extent. More than 90% of the people who got Lasik done are reported to have their desired vision after this laser eye surgery.
  • Very little or negligible pain is experienced during Lasik procedure
  • You can improve your vision on the same day or next day after Lasik surgery
  • Lasik surgery requires no stitches or bandage afterwards
  • You can further improve your vision even years after the Lasik by making several adjustments
  • Reducing the dependency on glasses or contact lens for most of the people onsiderably after Lasik surgery. Many of these patients do not need glasses or contact lenses anymore.

What to Expect During Lasik

Things expected before during and after Lasik depend upon the competency of the surgeon and the condition of the patient. The expectations of each patient may differ from others so you should discuss your expectations with your doctor or surgeon before the start of the surgery.

Lasik procedure starts with the full examination of your eyes to ascertain that your eyes are eligible to this kind of eye surgery or not. You should avoid wearing glasses or contact lenses few hours before the examination of your eyes to give rest to your cornea which is going to be corrected after this surgery. You should discuss pros and cons along with risk factors of the surgery with your surgeon to be ready to face them after surgery. You should not use any kind of makeup, cream or lotion on your eyes before going for your eyes examination and Lasik surgery as they may hinder the way of laser rays used fir this purpose

The whole Lasik surgical process takes not more than 30 to 60 minutes to complete for both the eyes. You are made to sit in a recliner chair in the surgical suite to lie down on your back in a relaxed position. The laser used in this eye surgery contains a microscope attached to a computer and a large sized machine. Then eye drops are used to numb your eyes and the surrounding area is thoroughly cleaned to make it ready of Lasik.

Then a device is inserted into your eyes to keep them wide open during surgery. A suction device is also placed on your eye to fix the Lasik corneal flap created by using microkeratome. After that suction pump and microkeratome are removed. The flap is moved up to expose the underlying tissues of the cornea. The excessive moisture on the tissues is dried out with the help of laser rays. You may also feel a smell like that of hair that is burning at the time of Lasik surgery which is caused due to evaporation of the liquid in your cornea that evaporates during the process. The corneal flap is afterwards replaced into its place to improve your vision. Your eyes are then protected with a shield around them to prevent any kind of pressure or rubbing on them even by mistake as your cornea is a very delicate part of your eyes.

Things to Consider Before Lasik

Age of the patient: Though the recommended age of patient for Lasik eye surgery is 18 years but some of the surgeons wait upto 25 years of age to let the eyesight improve automatically without surgery whereas there is no specific logic behind this expectation. Importantly your eyesight should be stable for last two years to be eligible for Lasik.

Choose a reputable surgeon: If you have finally decided to get Lasik done then you should search carefully for a reputable surgeon for it. Your eyes are at risk if you get them operated through some inexperienced eye surgeon. It is not difficult to find an experienced and competent surgeon for your eye surgery these days as almost all of the reputable eye surgeons have their websites where you can get the testimonials and references to know about their reputation and work experience.

Expected recovery time: You should also consult your eye surgeon to know about recovery time after your Lasik as it is one of the important things that you must know before the surgery. Though you can get your eyesight corrected just after the surgery but still you are expected not to strain your eyes for few days. Mostly doctors advise not to go on your work for a week atleast and also avoid driving for few days.

Understanding the risk factors : Though Lasik is considered as the safest process to change your lifestyle but still several risks are involved in it including temporary loss of vision, dry eye syndrome or possibility of need of glasses or contact lenses even after surgery. Most of these risk factors usually get corrected after some time but still you should consider them while deciding for it.

Cost of Surgery

Cost of Lasik is one if the most important issues to be considered before getting this surgery as the frequent use of technology and equipments had considerably raised the price of surgery during last few years. The approximate cost of this eye surgery process at present is around $2,000 – $2,500 per eye.

If you consider the amount of relief and freedom that you will get from this surgery this one time price is definitely worth the investment.  Our patients that now enjoy clear vision and freedom from eye wear can certainly attest to that.

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